2nd Year Mechina

The Second Year Mechina Program at Hannaton Educational Center is a six-month program that provides space and opportunity for its participants to:

  • Continue the process within the world of pre-army leadership programs
  • Enrich and deepen learning about themselves and Israeli society
  • Take an additional step towards activism in the public sphere through various social change organizations (environment, gender, shared society, and more)
  • Open up opportunities to learn about the the world of activism in non-profit organizations and influence people and society.


We build a cohesive group that learns to live together and manage group life independently and proactively, aiming to provide a place and home for everyone.

The program includes diverse studies and activist work in social change organizations. During the course of the program, each participant initiates a personal research project as part of the learning and action process.

The Second-Year Mechina program is located in Kibbutz Hannaton in the northern Jezreel Valley. Participants in the program become part of the unique and diverse community life through host families, community events, communal prayers, and group initiatives.

The program spans six months, from September to February, and includes several trips and two urban study segments in which participants encounter activists and social change organizations in the field.

For further details, please contact the program manager, Michal Shochat - michal@echannaton.org