The Hannaton Educational Center continues to support graduates of pre-army programs – during their military service, upon release from the army, throughout their student lives, and beyond. This support aims to foster an active, creative, and leadership-oriented alumni community within a vibrant and dynamic young environment in the spirit of the Hannaton Educational Center.

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Alumni Department Activities:

Activist study centers are located in Tel Aviv, Be'er Sheva, Jerusalem, Sderot and the North. A monthly meeting of study and social action takes place led by Hannaton alumni.

Active community

An active alumni information network

Social initiatives

Special events

Alumni IDF discharge seminar

Summer program for learning Arabic and Arab culture

Alumni Shabbat and holidays

Alumni meetings

Once a month, alumni meetings take place throughout the country: Hannaton at the Bar, volunteering, meetings of soldiers, and cohort meetings.

For details, contact the Alumni Coordinator: