Shared Society

The Galilee region is characterized by the coexistence of diverse populations living side by side: Jews - secular and religious, Arabs - Christians and Muslims, and a wide variety of other sectors and communities. Due to the population's diversity, the Galilee region holds immense potential for conflicts and friction on the one hand, but also the potential for creating connections and bringing together the different groups living in Israel.

The Hannaton Educational Center strives to weave a common fabric of Israeli society, from a Jewish, pluralistic, liberal, and multifaceted perspective that understands that the question of individual and collective identity is an existential question for Israeli society and the State of Israel.

We seek to turn the Galilee into the center of shared life in Israel, amplifying a strong, clear, diverse voice rooted in Jewish, Christian, and Muslim traditions and the humanistic values discourse. We hope that this message will inspire the residents of the Galilee and the entire country, fostering mutual commitment within Israeli society in all its diversity.



Strengthening interfaith relations among the populations in the Galilee to foster mutual commitment and build bridges among different segments of Israeli society, regardless of their origins, ethnicities, or religions.



  • Establishment of a regional neighborhood administration comprising local, religious, and social leadership, leading to shared responsibility and shared discourse in the region.
  • Establishing a Beit Midrash for interfaith encounters and learning.
  • Creating interfaces for collaboration with leaders of social and educational organizations in the area.