Beit Midrash Galil

Beit Midrash Galil is designed to connect educators, teachers, students, and others to their Jewish-Israeli identity through encounters with the Galilee in all its aspects.  The program invites engagement in topics such as marginalized groups versus the elite, involvement and intervention, belonging and affiliation from both inside and outside perspectives, through a combination of personal and group encounters at diverse sites in the Galilee.

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Beit Midrash Galil offers an engaging and productive encounter with the Galilee through lively and fruitful dialogue.

  • Learning within the walls of the Beit Midrash and on field trips for an in-depth interaction with the region's history, geography, society, and culture, fostering an understanding of its multifaceted layers.
  • Engaging in an 'identity discourse' to gain clarity on personal, social, and national identities, to explore their interconnections interrelationships.
  • Experiencing conflicting values and offering alternative approaches to resolve these differences.
  • Learning that leads to action, serving as a beacon of hope for fostering positive change through social action.


Each day in the program is devoted to a particular theme, encompassing active and independent study, site tours, innovative field-based learning experiences, encounters with influential figures, and individual and group processing.

The program's themes include exploring concepts such as periphery and center, boundaries and definitions, engagement and intervention, belonging and affiliation, and more.

This modular program is adaptable and designed to be tailored on demand. It can be structured as a single-day event, a series of sessions, or a continuous program spanning twelve sessions, ensuring flexibility and customization to meet specific needs.

As part of the Beit Midrash Galil program, the Hannaton Educational Center also offers the Cross-Galil program program.

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